Hooks Home Bound Rescue Applications


Dear Applicant,

Welcome to Hooks Home Bound Rescue!

We are glad you could join us in saving lives! We at Hooks Home Bound Rescue are here to save man and mans’ best friends. In doing this we push for Tow Truck driver safety and safety and proper ownership of all our pets.

We are thankful you wish to be a hero and open your heart and home to help one or more of our lovely pets. Without you lives could not be saved!! Being a new parent you open the door to a for ever home for our lovely pets.

The attached document, your adoption application, would need to be completed in its entirity. With completion and receipt of your application we can process your availability to be a new parent for any of our pets. When completed please click submit at the bottom of the page and the system will send your application to us. 

When approved, via your application, a representative will be in contact with you for an interview to arrange a home check. This home check is to ensure the atmosphere, home, and yard is proper for the perspective pet.

Thank you for opening your home and heart and being a hero today!

Hooks Home Bound Rescue

Disclaimer: The following application may be updated, and or changed, at anytime. Applying does not guarantee approval to be a parent. The following document can, and will, be used a part of the processing of the Hooks Home Bound Rescue Adoption Program. When applying, you, as the applicant, are responsible for all answers provided. Each document can, and will, be used for any, and alll, legal matters. Hooks Home Bound Rescue Inc reserves the right to refuse any, and alll, applications, for any reason at any time. Hooks Home Bound Rescue does not discriminate against any race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, or sexual orientation.  As a adopting parent, you may be responsible for transport, training, housing, feeding, bathing, grooming, walking, and socializing, or any other requested item for your adopted pet. Other items you may be responsible for include: Networking, taking photos of, and advising Hooks Home Bound Rescue of any updates, changes, and medical issues. By submitting your application, you agree to any, and alll, interviews, formal, or informal, opening your home, at any time, to the staff or volunteers of Hooks Home Bound Rescue, with out hestitation or denial. You also agree that, at any time, for any reason, disclosed to you, or not, Hooks Home Bound Rescue may have the animal removed from your home, and your services terminated. If, at any time, Hooks Home Bound Rescue must pursue Legal charges of Animal Neglect, Animal theft, or Animal abuse, against you, the applicant, will be responsible for all legal fees, and court costs, plus a fee of no less than $2,500.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars) for return of the animal. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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When Submitting your application please check the following:

Please be sure you review your application. 

                        All Starred questions must be answered. If they are not answered you will receive an error and your application will not be received.

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            If after submission you do not receive a check mark and any error message comes on your screen your application has not been submitted, 

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            If you receive an "Error occured please try again" this is an automatic message that a required question is not answered. Please check all starred                                      questions.

          If you have received a check mark with a courtesy message you have made it to the tow line and your application has been submitted.